View from Grandstand 11 at the Honda Indy Toronto

Honda Indy Toronto Seating Guide

Joining us at #indyTO?  Here’s Where to Sit.

If you are planning to attend this year’s Honda Indy Toronto at Exhibition Place, choosing where to sit can be exciting yet confusing, especially for new fans!  Whether it’s General Admission or a Grandstand Reserved Seat, there are a lot of choices to make! Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the options and viewing perspectives with expert opinion.

Fast Fact

Grandstand Reserved Seating on the event grounds are categorized into three tiers: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Gold…………………………………………………………………………Upper row seating

Silver……………………………………………………………………….. Middle row seating

Bronze……………………………………………………………………… Lower row seating

*Turn 3 Grandstands only have Gold & Silver tiers.*

Did You Know?

The most desirable seats in auto racing are the ones located FARTHEST up in the grandstands.  Top Row seats allow for the best perspective and view of the race track.


Turn 3 Grandstand

Reserved Seating

Nestled right at Turn 3 on the inside of the track, this grandstand provides a fantastic view of the end of Lake Shore Boulevard and the entry to Turn 3.  This section easily boasts the most on-track action with its sharp turn leading uphill towards Turn 4. This area will allow you to see aggressive passing as drivers compete for braking timeliness.  Similar to the general admission viewing area, this location is also close by Thunder Alley and the surrounding festival attractions and features to accommodate any fan.


Turn 10 Grandstand

Reserved Seating

This grandstand not only offers an exceptional view of Turns 9 and 10 but also the Indy cars entering Pit Lane, and  all the action that occurs within; something you really won’t see much of anywhere else. The grandstand is the closest seating area to the air-conditioned Enercare Centre, ideal for a cool-down break and houses the IndyCar paddock.  It is also conveniently situated closest to the Gate 2 entrance, home of the Go Train and streetcar stop which is great for people using public transit. This seating spot is located on the OUTSIDE of the race track (does not require you to cross over the Honda bridge) and is VERY close to the excitement of Victory Circle where fans are invited to get up close to the confetti and champagne celebrations.


Turn 11 Grandstand: Sections A-D

Reserved Seating

This grandstand is centrally located within the grounds of Exhibition Place, providing quick access to everything!  Sections A-D are right next to the Honda Bridge, providing an up close view of the final turn and the last handful of pit stalls.  This is a great place to see the exit of Pit Lane as well as the cars. Sections C & D provide a view towards Princes’ Boulevard and all sections provide a fantastic view of the race action.


Turn 11 Grandstand: Sections E-O

Reserved Seating

Sections E-O face north, providing a view of the Indy cars furiously accelerating around the final turn.  These sections provide a view of the IndyCars as they race towards the Start/Finish Line and Turn 1. This stand is a fan favourite.

General Admission Viewing

Throughout the festival, the race can be seen from all different sides and angles, which is one of the benefits of having a General Admission ticket.  Without the commitment to an assigned seat in the grandstands, General Admission provides you with opportunities to disperse yourself within the facility to access different points of view.  If you are searching for a favorable viewing area, the fence line along the track from the Start/Finish Line to Turn 1 is an ideal location. Other than the fantastic view of the Princes’ Gates, this area provides you with up-close action of the Indy cars passing by. Also situated right next to the Pinty’s Pub & Grill, this viewing area is only steps away to hunger satisfaction.

Lake Shore Straightaway:  General Admission Viewing

Stretching most of the way down the north side of the high speed Lake Shore Boulevard straightaway, there is a stretch of shady grass to stretch out, and  cool off while you relax and focus on the race. This is the fastest area of the track providing fans with a view of cars at their top speeds.  Although this spot is a fair distance from the main gate, it is ideally situated in front of Thunder Alley. Arriving early to secure a spot in this  shady area is recommended.


General Admission Pinty’s Pub & Grill

Located next to Gate 1 and the Princess Gates, the Pinty’s Pub & Grill provides an awesome outdoor pub patio atmosphere with a great sightline of the IndyCars as they approach the first turn on the racetrack!  This family friendly spot is ideal for anyone looking to satisfy their hunger without missing a moment of the race. This section is also an accessible area!

Will be great programmed activities - stay tuned!


General Admission Miller Lite Deck

Located near thunder alley and turn 4 the Miller Lite Deck provides an excellent location to sit back and relax on a raised platform and watch the cars as they come out of turn 4 and into turn 5. The Miller Lite Deck is also wheel chair accessible, has food options and TV's so you won't miss any of the on track action!

Individual VIP Club Hospitality

The VIP Club Hospitality suites provide fans with an exceptional experience all weekend long.  Situated trackside by turns 10 and 11, these suits include furnished, deluxe interiors with in-seat dining ledges with tiered seating.  There is also a hosting area towards the top of the suite; an ideal spot for anyone looking converse and host people.