Race to the Finish


GPS tracking technology provider helped construction company manage the build during track construction.

GPS tracking can be a valuable business intelligence solution when it comes to tracking driver behavior, location, fuel usage, vehicle speed, and other job-related metrics, such as time of arrival and duration of time at a job site. Many industries, including HVAC, pest control, service delivery and plumbing utilize this technology to help drive revenue, increase customer service, and shine a light on possible productivity improvements. Not to be left out of this list is the construction industry.  Fleetmatics worked with Green Savoree Promotions and their construction partners to deploy Fleetmatics REVEAL GPS fleet tracking technology to collect valuable information during the construction and deconstruction of the Honda Indy Toronto race course. The data collected and insights gleaned during the build-out of this famous course can eventually be used by owners of the annual event to assist in future builds of race tracks.

Race tracks aren’t typically built in a day, especially not a picturesque, 1.75 mile, 11-turn circuit that includes Lakeshore Blvd. and streets surrounding Exhibition Place in downtown Toronto. There was much to consider when managing a construction project of this size – budgets, timelines, supply lists, and most importantly, the coordination of the construction crew. The use of the Fleetmatics REVEAL solution equipped managers and crew members alike with the information they needed to get the job done correctly and on time.  Fleetmatics REVEAL is a cost-effective Web-based fleet management solution that provides fleet operators with real-time visibility into things like vehicle location, fuel usage, speed and mileage, enabling them to get a deeper understanding of what’s going on in the field.

Of the many data points collected during such a big build, a few stand out in the crowd. Take vehicle location – knowing where vehicles and their drivers were at any given time helped the construction company to better coordinate with city officials who were concerned about traffic flows and detours.  It also helped to ensure expensive equipment was where it was supposed to be at the end of the day and the end of the build. Factor in knowing what was happening on the job site while working in the middle of a major metropolitan area and the benefits of having access to this real-time data adds up quickly.

Just as a race car driver uses the precision of his/her instruments to optimize their performance on the race track, Fleetmatics REVEAL can give fleet managers can get the same level of precision through online dashboards, reports, and alerts generated by Fleetmatics REVEAL – everything from real-time route replay showing vehicle movement from start up to shut down, reports on hours on the job and fuel usage, and alerts for unsafe driving; and alerts on excessive idling.  And, while fast accelerations, hard braking and harsh cornering is encouraged on the race track, it was definitely frowned upon on the construction site. Identifying instances of unsafe driving and alerting the managers of the construction crew helped those managers coach drivers towards better driving behavior before these exceptions became the rule.

From equipment to labor to fuel usage, there were a lot of dollars involved in the build of a high speed, hair-raising race circuit. Monitoring the amount of fuel used becomes especially important when construction vehicles arrive to a job site and keep their vehicles running for hours on end. By providing reports and alerts on idling time Fleetmatics was able to help the construction company identify ways to drive down costs and make sure budgets were adhered to throughout the build.

So just how did the Honda Indy Toronto construction crew benefit from using Fleetmatics REVEAL? A faster build, safer drivers and a tightly-adhered to budget. To learn more about Fleetmatics involvement with the Honda Indy Toronto, visit us at www.fleetmatics.com/canada.

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